What's involved in a psychoeducational assessment?

Many parents often wonder what is involved in a psychoeducational assessment. Psychoeducational assessments are comprehensive and include testing a child's cognitive reasoning skills, academic functioning, and processing skills (including memory). The purpose is to ascertain whether a student is performing to their full potential, or if there are underlying processing weaknesses that may explain why a student is underperforming. Testing usually requires visiting with a psychologist over several sessions in order to complete all the test measures, and having parents and teachers complete several questionnaires. The psychologist may also discuss the student's performance with the teachers during a phone consultation. At the end of the testing, a full psychological report is provided and a feedback session is scheduled to discuss the results. Parents can share the report with the student's school, which would begin the process of developing an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) if needed. Important information regarding the IEP process in Ontario can be found on the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO) website here: http://www.ldao.ca/wp-content/uploads/A-Parents-Guide-to-Special-Education.pdf

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